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OnCore Receipts


OnCore Receipts utilizes an iPad Kiosk to allow your member to view their receipt, sign, if required, and print, email or text their receipt.


In addition...

  • Integrates with your core processor and receipt printer

  • Display important information and marketing messages on the iPad Kiosk

  • Encourage members to provide their feedback

  • Custom configuration for your teller line, drive-through, and back office

  • ​Instantly archive receipts with signatures

  • Search archived receipts by member name, account number, date, amount and more

  • Customizable member number masking

  • Supports receipt layout customizations

  • Enables adding custom logos and marketing messages to receipts

  • Integrates with imaging providers (with index for imaging systems)

Advertising and Notices

While the member is being serviced, and before the transaction is processed, OnCore Receipt will display up to three advertising graphics, and a notice of upcoming events or other items on interest.

iPad Signature.jpeg

Electronic Signature

If particular receipts require a signature, your member can sign the receipt on you OnCore Receipt Kiosk. The signature is made part of the permeant copy of the receipt to be archived.

E-mail, Text, or Print Receipts

If your member desires to have the receipt

e-mailed or texted to them, they will be prompted to enter their e-mail address or phone number on the OnCore Receipt Kiosk. If they have previously entered an address, they will be asked to confirm it, or change it.


Member Satisfaction Survey

After the receipt is processed, the member may be asked if they would like to respond to a brief survey. The questions and answer formats are defined by the credit union and member responses are saved for viewing or reporting.



All receipts are saved for research or reprinting. The receipts may also be exported to your enterprise document management application.


Drive Thru Support

OnCore Receipts will recognize the teller as a drive-thru teller and either print two copies of the receipt or allow the teller to request the member sign the receipt on their mobile phone.


Back Office Support

Recognizing the teller as a "back office" teller, OnCore Receipts may request a signature on the member's mobile phone, and email or text  the completed receipt to the member.

OnCore Receipts provides a real-time log of all receipts processed for the business day. From that log, the receipt may be displayed, printed, e-mailed to texted. At the end of the day, the receipt records are moved to the Archive table, where they may be moved to the credit unions optical archive.

Screen Shot 2023-06-11 at 11.51.31 AM.png

Kiosk Options

We offers several different types and styles of Kiosks.
Each are secure, metal construction designed for commercial duty.

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